28 December 2020

Risks of Applying the Wrong Cleaning Products

  In light of Covid-19, commercial cleaning services have never been more important. Businesses around the globe are focusing heavily on cleaning best practices, and working to make their workspace as safe as possible.    While businesses are welcome to handle cleaning procedures on their own, we highly recommend outsourcing a commercial cleaning company for...
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05 November 2020

Top Tips To Keep Your Office Disinfected

With many returning to brick and mortar shops and offices, it is imperative that companies keep their facilities clean and disinfected at all times. At Safeguard Maintenance, we know what needs to be done to clean an office space thoroughly. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to keep your office disinfected.   Keep...
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22 October 2020

Staying Green & Clean During COVID-19

Cleaning has been on everyone’s minds over the past few months. Starting in March of 2020, people worldwide began washing their hands, homes, and other surfaces more frequently than usual. Then the need for sanitization arose as the coronavirus started to spread like wildfire.    This allows us to stay healthy, but at what expense...
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